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Ticket printer TEP-series

is trustworthy, robust and compressed in size, modified for difficult and space aware OEM (kiosk) and desktop surroundings. The Cetwin TEP-series is designed with heavy-duty OEM applications and supposed to be awfully trustworthy for desktop applications. They can handle 54 mm wide tickets or cards, which match ups to the most admired ticket or card width worldwide. Cetwin possess a traditional view on tickets, sense that tickets should be material, particularly when tickets possess a high value. Ticket width should be around 0.25 mm, thereby rising strength and making sure for multi-use.

On the other hand, a barcode printing device will constantly print out barcode for any number of products in retail outlet as well as warehouse. Heavy duty printers including the ones which are used in business units or factories are planned to work quickly on a large number of items without shortage of paper. They are healthy and are designed to be long-lasting. They can work widely without any servicing requirements.

These kinds of printers that are utilized in office and trade units are small as well as desktop devices. They precisely print barcodes which will be utilized as contribution at the time of billing. There is no mistake in the printing and the print come out visibly on the surface.

These printers are really time and energy saver option to complete the printing tasks. They can complete the tasks quite quickly and efficiently and increase productivity as well. Barcode ticket printer gives professional touch as well.

Magstripe Ticket Printer – Helpful and Equipped Device

Magstripe ticket printer is now available to bring ease in your work and things can be managed quite easily. Programming a magnetic stripe that is attached on your card is a fast and simple method to boost the safety of your card, track everyone’s entry as well as exit, or provide as an avenue to check handling of products and even services. With the development in technology, printing cards with magnetic stripes can be completed with the use of the right Magstripe ticket printer and magnetic stripe ID cards.

In order to instruct the magnetic stripe on the card, your printer has to be ready with a magnetic stripe program. Some of the card printer models give the choice to buy the printer with the magnetic stripe encoding allowed. Other aspects which includes volume and edge would assist narrow your choices to discover the right copier for the job.

RFID ticket printer or TK302 is the highly equipped ticket printer present in the market for applications need toughness as well as latest expertise. The printer can be prepared with the voluntary barcode scanner for authenticate pre-printed barcoded tickets and with the different RFID units for HF and UHF. The elective barcode scanner makes TK302 appropriate for all ticketing claims where the scam risk is extremely high and for enforcing the entrée controls. 


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